Wire Rope Grip/Cable Grip/Puller Ratchet Tightener made in china

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Wire Rope Grip
 Power Pull wire grip - handles smooth or barbed wireup to 1/4" (No. 9 wire). spring loaded grip. Shields & protects hand from barbed wire. 500 lb capacity. Cast malleable iron, plated to prevent rusting. - length: 7-1/4 in. , material: cast malleable iron, wire Size: up to 1/4 in. , load capacity: 500 lb. , Pkg qty: 1,   Package type: box

Product description

 Material: Alloy steel
 Surface treatment: Zinc plated
 Max Load: 1 ton/ 2204 Lb
 Size: 190x80mm
 Multifunctional Cable Wire Rope Haven Grip Pulling Puller 2204 Lbs1 Ton
 The structure is compact and strong, and the top core parts are made of high  quality alloy steel, which is specially heat treated. It is light and portable.
 The resistance is strong, the bite is high, not easy to slip and deform.
 With delicate and smooth tongs, minimal damage to lead.
 The clamp mouth is equipped with anti-chip safety device, which ensures safety and no jumper.
 The design of the half-moon clip is suitable for all kinds of steel cables and cables.
 The application of the tensioning device is applicable to the electric power, the operation of the industry and agriculture, and the tightening of the rope line
 High quality alloy steel, special heat treatment
Package Content:
 1 x Cable Grip

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