Automatic airport stretch wrapping machine/baggage wrap machine made in china

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Introduction of Stretch Pallet Wrappe
  CRJ2100 series of stretch pallet wrapping machine is well applied to a variety of industries, for example, food and beverage, chemical industry, and so on. Automatic pallet wrapper with pre-stretch device can save more than 15% film consumption. The common film is 0.025mm thickness
 LLDPE film that can reach the best wrapping effect. Stretch pallet wrapping machine will keep the goods stay in a good storage condition; what is more, it can protect the goods from damage during long-distance transport.

Stretch Pallet Wrapping Machine Features: 
 1.  PLC is adopted for electrical control;
 2.  Two working mode can be chosen according to your needs - AUTO/MANUAL.
 3.  Photoeye sensor detect the loading height automatically
 4.  Independent buttons are easy for operation and maintenance
 5.  Reinforce special wrapping position(Up, Middle, Bottom)
 6.  Turntable reset automatically
 7.  Indicator alarms automatically
 8.  Machine is firm and durable
 9.  Pre-stretch device is available
 10.  HMI can be adopted by special requirement
 11.  Top platen is an optional device to prevent product shaking in wrapping.
 12.  Access ramp is optional for loading and unloading easily.

Details Gallery
Stretch Pallet Wrapping Machine/Automatic Pallet Wrapper

   1.Control Panel

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   2.Film Carriage System Stainless steel drum and anti-wear rubber rollers make the machine durable and stable. Automatic photoeye sensor: Detecting the goods height automatically when wrapping. Pre-stretch film carriage system: Film delivery ratio 250%(optional 100%-300%) to save more film.

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   3. Film Installation (1-8 steps) Easy installation & best wrapping effect.

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   4. Electric Circuit-Famous brands components

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   5. Pallet Wrapping Machine Assemble:

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Our Services
Pre-sales service:
 1.  We provide presales service in various forms, making investment budge, manufacturing, planning, so that customers can make a reasonable plan with less cost.
 2.  We will fist check customer's goods and goods size, then we will recommend suitable wrapping machine to 100% suitable.
 3.  We will recommend and offer machine according to customer's use and purchase budget.
In-sale service:
 1.  We will supply each manufacturing step photo for customer checking on time.
 2.  We will prepare packing and shipment according to custome's need in advance.
 3.  Testing the wrap machine and making video for customer's checking.
After-sale service:
 1.  We will guarantee the Wrapping Machine quality for 2 years.
 2.  We provide free training and answer customer's question on technology in time. 

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