Efficient Horizontal Stretch Pallet Shrink Wrapping Machine with PLC control

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Product Description
 1. Intelligent Human-computer interface; PLC easy operation control; Pre-stretch system 300% (customized).
 2. Stable performance, working life 10 years, quality guarantee 2 years.
 3. European standard design and manufacture, same quality, but Chinese market price; Pass CE certificate.

We are professional manufacturer of pallet stretch wrapping machines.
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Automatic pallet stretch wrapping machine with Pre-stretch 250% TP1650F-L and 2000mm packing height (keyword: pallet wrapping machine, stretch wrapping machine)
Pallet wrapping machine Stretch wrapping machines are used to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet.
Film provides extra support while the products are being transported &storaged to protect them from tip,spill or from being damaged. Additionally,wrapped loads can easily be separated and identified.Stretch pallet wrapper is widely used in chemical industry electronic industry building materials home appliances papermaking foodstuff & drink etc.

We took the stretch wrapper photos at our customers' factories!!
Our customers are very satisfied with our machines. It is very convenient for them to use!


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 1. Independent motor, the machine stable and noiseless.
 2. Stretching device can be adjusted to control the elastic membrane.
 3. Double sensing device, control the rising height.

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 4. LED control display, the customer easy to operate.
 5. Emergency stop button to protect workers.
 6. PLC control system, more advanced intelligence.
 7. Internal frequency converter, adapt to different voltage.

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 8. Chain driven turntable, cam mounted in all positions
 9. Stainless steel structure, make the machine run more stable.
 10. Can be installed ramp, more economical.

Our Service
  After-sales Service, our engineer is available to supply door to door service for our customers and  also they will tell our customer how to operate the machine. And also all of our engineers are ready for the service of the customer for 24 hours per day. We have sufficient spare parts stock and can meet your request.