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 Product Description
 The T1650F pallet wrapping machine (Automatic Luggage Wrap Machine) is our brand new entry level premium machine. Despite the low price the operator has full control over how many wraps are applied to the top and bottom of the pallet giving you full control over how much film you apply to the pallet something you would associate with machines costing much more. Excellent build quality, durability and user friendly. The T1650F pallet stretch wrapping machine is set to become one of our biggest selling machines.

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 Machine Features:
 •Limit built-in
 •2000mm wrapping height
 •2000kgs loading
 •Spring break stretch
 •Home position: the turntable always stops at the same position
 •Speed control on turntable
 •Choose between 1 & 9 top and bottom wraps with re-enforce wrap
 •Up & down or up only wrap cycle
 •Semi auto and manual wrap options
 •Adjustable pallet height photo sensor
 •Secure Top Sheet Function
 •Lockable control panel
 •Adjustable tension with quick release
 •Soft start and stop
 •Machine can be paused during cycle
 •Magnetic brake holds turntable still during loading/unloading
 •Audible warning when running a cycle

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 Production Application
 1.Pallet stretch wrapping machine use LLDPE stretch film as the main packing material to wrap the bulk cargos stacked on the pallet
 2.Film provides extra support during transportation and storage to protect them from dust, moisture or damage
 3.The pallet stretch wrapping machine has been widely used in industries such as glassware, tools, electric & electronic, paper, pottery, food & beverage, etc.

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1.Rubber Coated roller +300% pre-stretch rate 300% pre-stretch rate for the film, in  market, 250% stretch rate save 20% cost when you use our machine. Most of machine in market, use gule stick the rubber on the roller, it's easy broken during working, also let the film too much wrinkle, if have label on pallet, it will be difficult for scan the barcode of the label. Drive x-01 use rubber coated roller, avoid the rubber dropping problem, and stretch film smoothly, after stretch, film still transparent, easy to scan barcode and see the label. 

2.Whole pallet Film Grip System is a mechanical device let the bottom of film to be a film rope, when wrapping the pallet, this film rope will strap the whole pallet from bottom to top it is suit for pallet with carton box, it can replace of horizontal strapping machine. let the whole pallet product can be packed steady, and do not need to worry about the products fall down during truck emergency brake or big shake during sea shipping.

3.Robot Welding Better Processing Way, Better Quality. Our pallet stretch wrapper is welded by robot which avoids mistake from worker. Concentric welded turntable and double nylon roller let the machine work more quiet and durable 

4.Automatic Cutting Film After machine finish wrapping the pallet, our pallet stretch wrapping machine will cut the film automatic, no need your worker to cut the film by other tool or hand, it will be great help for worker, the film normally is not easy to break by hand. so let machine do it automatically!

5.We use Good brand spare part. If you want to buy a good and durable machine, the electric part will be very important, if one electric use a bad brand, it's a big risk for the customer, because one part not work whole machine stop working, and the electric part problem, sometime difficult to fix because you do not know which part is broken from the several parts, so our pallet stretch wrapping machine all part we use the famous brand, we do not want the machine have any problem from the electric parts. so that we can make our machine use for lone time without problem. 

6.Machine Safety. The safety is very important for the machine and for every company and  every worker, so we take all the parts which have the risk of safety problem into consideration, and find solution to let machine be safer. We care the workers' foot and head, we care the electric shock. This is what we must do, because this is what you care!



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 Our Services
 1.The warranty period for this stretch wrapping machine is 12 months. During the warranty period, machine parts other than wearing parts are damaged by non-human factors, free of charge to provide new parts for replacement.
 2.We provide one-to-one online service throughout the day. If you have any questions about the stretch film packing machine, please feel free to contact us. We will provide professional answers for you.
 3.If you have time, we sincerely welcome you to visit our factory for further understanding and testing of stretch film wrapping machine performance.
 4.In the same competitive conditions, we sincerely offer you the most favorable  price without reducing product performance or replacing parts.
 5.If you need, our engineers can go overseas to guide you through the installation and use of the stretch wrapping machine.

Thank you for your precious time! For more information, please feel free to send enquiry and contact RAMHOIST!