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Introduction of wrapping machine (Pallet stacker pallet stretch wrapping machine/pallet wrap machine)
 In order to adapt to the mechanization of unitized storage, transport and loading  and unloading packaging requirements, the automatic winding machine is widely used in foreign trade, food and beverage, can, paper making, dyes, plastic  chemical industry, glass ceramic, mechanical and electrical casting products such as container costs, improve production efficiency, and can prevent damage of the goods in the handling process, and dust, moisture and the cleaning effect.

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 Features of wrapping machine
 1.Suitable for rapid transit or storage;
 2.Strong adaptability, high efficiency low energy consumption, reduce labor intensity;
 3.The packaging have the effect of dust proof, moisture, cleaning;
 4.Reduce packaging of surface scratch, improve the surface quality and make the packaging more strong.
 Winding machine control system:
 PLC programmable control.
 Top and bottom winding number, number of times, the top time, the reinforcement layer 0-9 can be set directly on the panel
 Winding machine turntable system:
 Rotary frequency conversion speed adjustable 0-12 RPM adjustable.
 Automatic reset after packing.
 The rotary disc is made of pure steel and high wear-resisting material.
 Winding machine film frame system:
 The film frame is pretensioning structure
 The velocity of the film can be adjusted, and the single dc motor is controlled.
 The film frame rises and falls at a separate adjustable speed.
 Optional function of winding machine:
 Opening film frame: easy to wear film.
 Ramp: easy to use trolleys up and down goods.


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