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 The electric pallet truck is the original  solution for light duty pallet handling. With over 25,000 units sold worldwide  it is your best choice when it comes to price efficient material handling equipment.
 In a retail environment, pallet trucks need to be small and easy to handle, not  to disturb the customer flow. The electric pallet truck has gained approval in such applications over the past years. When it comes to tail lift application,  the electric pallet truck plays in his own league. With only 205kg, total weight, the truck is optimized for the usage on a lorry.

Detailed Description
 AC integrated casting pump 
 1. Good sealing performance: Overall seal, avoid leaking
 2. Each piston rod with chromium plating treatment
 3. Overflow valve has overload protection
 4. Whole overflow valve in view, so can be fixed easy
 Notice: The min lifting height is 85mm

DF welding pump 
 Reduce the whole pallet truck costs, affordable, with the following advantages:
 1. Oil pump with manual slow down control valve, high safety
 2. Three adjustable handle for easy operation
 3. In the front of fork is cambered, easy to insert the pallet
 4. C-type fork can support heavy load, durable
 5. The fork can be manually adjusted to control the minimum height of the fork
 Notice: The min lifting height  is 75mm

The difference between the two:  
   AC oil pump is a pump, one-time casting molding.
   DF oil pump is split pump is separate welded, the advantages of an integral pump is raised after loading effort, The valve core is an integral whole, and the valve core has the advantages of long service life, little trouble and labor saving.


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