2ton 2.5ton 3ton battery operated electric pallet truck /electric pallet forklift for food warehouse

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 RAMHOIST electric forklift is a low altitude lifting and short distance transportation. Its characteristic is small volume, light  weight, compact structure, beautiful work style, simple operation, good seal performance, work safety and reliability. Applicable to warehouse, ports, loading bays etc. In solid surfaces, lifting and carrying heavy loads.
 It is also widely applied to transport components in the factory workshop, especially suitable  for printing and dyeing, paper making. It is one kind of civilized production tools. Special size for length and width can be made according to customer's requirements.

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Production Category

 Compact design with medium duty operation with load capacity of 2000kg, stable and economic, easy to move in confined spaces such as retail stores, small warehouses and factories.

- Handler designed according to ergonomic principles, easy to operate from either side.-  Turtle speed function applied to move slowly and helps to stack goods in narrow spaces.- 7.9" American style battery cover, applying to 7.5" battery or any smaller industrial battery.

- AC driving motor applied to provide excellent acceleration, good grade ability, low heat, no carbon brush and maintenance free.

- With battery indicator, key switch and emergency off button.

- With maintenance free 210AH battery, suitable for most demanding applications.

- Optional operator’s platform is highly advantageous for large warehouses and long distance transport tasks, foldable armrests offer additional safety and comfort for operator.


Packaging & Shipping

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 Q1: How long is the Warranty for RAMHOIST product? 
 A1: Nanjing  Ram Machinery Co., Ltd. provides 12 months or 1000 hours for the whole machine from on board time. 
 Q2: How about the delivery time? 
 A2: Usually Nanjing Ram Machinery Co., Ltd.'s producing time is 
 15- 20 days after we receive the advanced payment. For some standard of Electric Pallet Trucks, we may have stock and could delivery immediately. 
 Q3:  How about the continuous working time for the electric series forklifts? And How long time to charge the battery full? 
 A3: battery continuous working time is around 3-6 hours (working time depend on battery  volume). It needs 
 8 - 12 hours usually to charge the battery, Nanjing Ram Machinery Co., Ltd.
 charger is automatic, after the battery is full, it will stop working automatically.  
 Q4: Can Nanjing Ram Machinery Co., Ltd. provide customized 
 products? OEM products or ODM products? 
 A4: Yes,Nanjing Ram Machinery Co., Ltd. can provide customized products per 
 your request, both OEM and ODM are  acceptable. We do a lots of non-standard forklifts, welcome your special request.