High lift Semi Electric Pallet Truck Electric Pallet jack with Lithium Battery

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 1.All electric forklift refers to electricity for homework, most are battery to work.
 2.RAMHOIST battery is one of the best battery, its role is to be able to keep the limited electricity used in the right place.
 3.Its working principle is to convert chemical energy into electricity.
 4.All electric forklift battery built-in also is this kind of battery.

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Detailed Description

 1. Multifunctional control handle designed for simultaneous operation of all functions with one hand.
 2. Built-in battery level gauge and Key-operated On/Off control for safety and security. 
 3. High-torque DC drive handle heavy-duty jobs.
 4. Use stable CUTIS electronic control system.
 5. Integrate hydraulic pump features high quality seals.
 6.  Fully-electric models available
 (2000kg.capacity,  Rider or Walkie models).
 7. Smooth rolling Poly-on-Steel steer and dual load wheels for easy maneuverability.


Detailed images 

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Range of application

  • Indoor use, light duty work.

  • Warehouse freight handling.

  • Retail outlets.

  • Beverage distribution.

  • Frozen food storage.

  • Chemical handling and processing  facilities.


Packaging  & Shipping
 Our service
 Warranty policy:
 If anything go wrong within 12months or 1000 hours, which ever come first from the  date of purchase. We will pay for parts to have the repairs conducted, any  shipping expenses will be also paid buys and in return, clients need to give  back the parts needed to be exchanged to us, with shipping expenses paid.

 If a part is bad and urgent, clients take photos of nameplate, sides of the whole forklift and the bad part, we can send out the part within a day. And if the weight not excess 10KGs, we can deliver parts to clients by DHL, Fedex or else, if it is heavier, shipped by sea within a day.
 We will not be responsible for damage cause by the user or owner or lack of required maintenance or abuse.