2019 New Model Labor-saving Electric Hand Pallet Truck

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  Compact design
 •  Includes horn for safety
 •  High-torque DC drive handle heavy-duty jobs
 •  Smooth rolling poly-on-steel steer and roll wheels for easy maneuverability
 •  Battery charger included
 •  Built-in battery level gauge and Key-operated On/Off control for safety and security
 •  Use stable CUTIS electronic control system 
 •  Integrate hydraulic pump features high quality seals
 •  Robust chassis and forks manufactured from steel (with epoxy paint finish) 
 •  Safety features include a power cut switch 

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Detailed Description
 The nylon wheel has low turning power,
 Light pulling, stable chemical properties and so on,
 Suitable for the use of cement ground

PU wheel (also called polyurethane wheel)
 Wear resistance, no indentation, mute, shock absorption,
 It is suitable for marble,  paint and epoxy floor

Detailed images 

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  > Multi-function Control Handle
 >  Ergonomic Spring-loaded
 >  Long Tiller with Large Hand Grip
 >  Plug-in Battery Design
 >  Integrated Rocker Arm
 >  Compact Vehicle Design
 >  Less Wiring, Easy Service
 >  Brushless Motor

Charging Time: 3hours
 Fast  and short boost charge, only 3 hours charging is sufficient to achive full  charge. 
 Working Time: 6-8hours 
 Powerful and robust energy. 48V/20Ah battery voltage. A fully charged battery can work continuously for 6 hours.  
 Work shift: 24hours
 Prepare just two pieces of lithium batteries. One charging, One working. 24 hours  without break.  

Packaging & Shipping

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Our service
 -All the machines would be fully tested before shipment.
 -The time of warranty will be last for 12 months.
 -User-friendly instruction in English for machine's using and maintaining .
 -Several pieces wearing  parts will be provided with free of charge.
 -24 hours service support on email, telephone, Skype etc.