Economic type 1.5 ton Pedestrian-operated Electric Pallet Truck

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Introduction of Electric Pallet Truck


 SL15GI is an economical pedestrian power pallet truck with maximum capacity of 1500Kg. the truck is with attractive appearance,compact structure,
 convenient operation, and energy's widely used in conditions of low intensity and short distances,meeting the demands of most customers.

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Detailed images 

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 All the controls (lowering/neutral/lifting are available in a single lever for simple and safe control. Ergonomic and rubber covered handle increase the operator comfort (optional).

Entry /Exit rollers

 Additional nylon rollers at the fork tip help overcoming smoothly the board of the pallet.

Hydraulic unit

  A very strong cast iron frame has a robust layout, integrating the whole pump structure, with tank included. Overloads are prevented thanks to a preset maximum pressure valve. A 100% production test ensures keeping a high quality level. Available also with zinc coating treatment.


Packaging  & Shipping 

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Our service
 The after sales service supports our customers at every stage of the professional relationship, with availability of the full range of spare parts and components and a highly trained professional after sales team, answering requests worldwide.
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 This is the reason why we have created a product line dedicated to special solutions, providing customers with our vast professional experience focused on analyzing every single requirement. Indeed, this line integrates the high quality levels of our standard production line with the exibility and versatility of custom made of Electric Pallet Trucks.