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 300kgs Manual Hydraulic Drum Stacker(COY0.3C)
 We offer a wide range of Drum Lifter which is made from high grade material and advanced technology. We ensure that our machines which we offer are as per  international quality standards. These drum lifters are widely used by our clients and provide effective performance. These are available at cost effective price. These are available in various specifications based on the requirement of the client.

Detailed Description of Manual Hydraulic Drum Stacker
 Application use suitable to steel drum or plastic drum lifting, shifting, tilting, staging, rotate 360 degree
 Tilting angle: 0 degree to 360 degree
 Movement direction mode: Vertical
 Drum holder: By means of fabricated belt & pipe with positive gripping
 Drum tilting: Drum lifter cum tilter that is constructed using high quality solid steel that provides stability during transit. The drum pouring angle and height can be controlled while dispensing. The drum can be rotated 360° With  the help of a hand gear.
 Structure: Simplex single mast structure made from heavy duty 'c' channel section. It would be supported by heavy-duty deep grooved guide rollers. Forks lifting would be by means of 2 nos. Duplex chain & design pulley
 Hydraulic unit: Hydraulic cylinder part would be supported by single acting cylinder piston rod is inducted with hard chrome plated. The sealing  arrangement is of polyurethane seals, teflon seals for long life smooth working. Leak proof viper seals will be given to protect from ingress dirt  & dust
 Hydraulic pump part: Lifting of the cylinder would be with the help of single acting hand pump.


Detailed image of Manual Hydraulic Drum Stacker

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Packaging & Shipping of Manual Hydraulic Drum Stacker  

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