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Introduction of hydraulic oil drum stacker
 Easy to lift, transport and tilt 55gallon drum.
 Available to carry the drum to rack (lower than 1350m). 
 Tilt  the drum 120 degree for oil empty.
 Compact and reliable mechanisam system to fix drum.
 It can lock a drum in vertical position to avoid spills or horizontal.
 Easy lift with pedal when unload.

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Detailed Description of hydraulic oil drum stacker
 1. Floor lock;
 2. Load capacity 450kg;
 3. Base leg span 640mm;
 4. Combined Eagle-grip structure and Anchorear structure together;
 3. Suitable for handling steel and plastic drums;
 4. Can be operated by one person;
 6. Manually rotate drums 180 degree;
 7. Can keep drums at any angle;
 8. The solid steel construction provides stability during transit;
 9. Lowers drums to the floor;
 10. All steel construction;
 11. Drum Karriers provide controlled dispensing of your drum;

Detailed images of hydraulic oil drum stacker   

 Application of hydraulic oil drum stacker
 With the feature of combining Eagle-grip structure  and Anchorear structure together, OUR MACHINE drum carrier DA450 is popularly used to lift, transport and tilt your steel drums & plastic drums in the  fields of chemical, food, dye, paint workshop, adhesive, oil, cooking oil and  other liquid handling, loading and unloading, etc.

 *Ergonomic Lifts, transport and places ploy, steel or fiber drum on or off pallets.
 *A spring-load clamp securely any rimmed drum.
 *It have swivel steeling wheels for easy positioning and wheels for maximum stability.
 *Easily glider over pallet to quickly load or unload 30 or 50-gallon drums, grabs  from the middle of a standard pallet with a drum clarabella, raises the drum up, and redistributes them throughout the facility.