Hydraulic hand pallet truck/Hydraulic Manual Forklift/hand scale pallet truck

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Introduction of Hand Pallet Trucks 2
 World class quality with 2 years warranty pump.
 Rubber coated handle comfortable even under extreme temperature conditions.
 Fully sealed galvanized hydraulic unit housing.
 Single valve cartridge for easy maintenance.
 Powder coated chassis made of high grade steel. 
 Lead-in and lead-out rollers reduce damage to pallets.

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Detailed description
     1. Modularized product design gives the lowest failure rate.

     2.130°body steering. Not easy to be turned over.

     3. Powder coated chassis made of high grade steel. 

     4. All pin rolls have to go through the process of heat treatment strictly.

     5. Finely processed welding pump.  

     6. Pump overload protection provides stable descent and safe operation..

     7. Design of handle type / pedal type has been adopted for lowering products conveniently.

    8. Using of imported seal components and chrome plated piston rod is to increase the life of our product

    9. The frame of body itself is designed and built to be firm and strong. Which means it has great performance of loading capacity to support your goods delivery.


Detailed images of Hand Pallet Trucks

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 1.Strengthen the reinforcement more firmly Forklift fork back leg 4 80cm strengthen Steel bar, firmer
 2.Fully enclosed rail
 Fully enclosed type steel rail, bearing force stronger
 3.Thickening wheel bracket pin
 20 cm wheel frame pin shaft to strengthen the sturdiness
 4.Forklift material
 Forklift steel plate thickness up to 4 mm
 5.Groove wrapped handle
 Heart design, groove wrap,
 Feel good, not cool in winter, summer is not hot
   6.Welding technology

 Manual welding with welding machine, welding seam leveling  Increase product carrying capacity


 Packaging & Shipping

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 1.Q:What about the quality of the Hand Pallet Trucks?
 A:We have five inspection steps during the production.
 1st, inspect material according to ISO 2859
 2nd, 100% inspection in production process
 3rd, 100% inspection when assembling finished (Load Limiting Device Test and Proof Load Test)
 4th, inspect products before shipment according to ISO 28595th, inspection by buyer (if need)
 Note: We will. ensure that 100% qualified before shipment

2.Q:What's the lead time?
 A:Normally 30 days.
 If you book more than 5 items mixed in one container, it will be 45 days.
 If you book one item in one container, it will be 20 days.