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Introduction of Hand  Pallet Trucks 5
 1.World class quality with 3 years warranty  pump
 2.Top class pallet trucks with excellent designs.
 3.Professional and ideal storage aid for all variety of  manual transport operations over short distances in stores and warehouses  as well as factory plants.
 4.Reliable, sturdy, torsion-resistant due to its extremely  strong quality steel profile with Germany standard WAGNER painting system  ensures best powder coating and paint quality.
 5.All pivots points are greased ensuring excellent  maneuverability with effortless steering. The chromed bearing bushes and joint  ensure quiet operations and a particularly long service life.

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Detailed  description
 1. Capacity: 2000kg, 2500kg, 3000kg. 5000kg
 2. Lowered Fork Height: 85mm, 75mm. 140mm
 3. Total Lift Height: 195mm/185mm. 
 4. Fork Width: 1150mm/1220mm. 
 5. Width Over The Forks: 550/685mm. 
 6. Steering Wheel: 180X50mm. 
 7. Front Wheel: 80mm/70mm. 
 8. Self Weight: 73-92kg. 
 9. Q'Ty/20 Feet Container: 180/144 PCS.  

Detailed  images

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 The quality control is strictly in accordance with ISO9001  quality management system. When the products are finished, the inspection is  100% executed strictly
 1) Strict quality control system on the whole process of production
 2) Imported key arts to ensure the high quality of our products
 3) Advanced equipment and tools for examination and quality control
 4) 100% strict examining products before shipment
 5) All the quality complaints and improvement requirements are always studied  seriously, if reasonable, put into practice immediately.

 Packaging &  Shippin

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 Our service
 We deliver  comprehensive and innovative services to support the life cycle of your lifting  equipment.
 Our aim is to enable you to concentrate fully on your core business by giving  you the certainty that your equipment operates with
 We offer a comprehensive range of training courses that qualify your staff in  proper operation, service and inspection of our industrial cranes and their  components.
 Develop your staff through our training courses.
 Our comprehensive portfolio of training courses helps you maximize your  productivity, equipment performance and investment.
 We offer a comprehensive range of training courses that qualify your staff in  proper operation, service and inspection of our industrial cranes and their  components. We leverage our expertise, customer focus and local knowledge to  continuously develop and enhance our training courses.
 Spare Parts
 The range of products includes all spare parts needed to ensure the  professional maintenance of your equipment.
 More than 15,000 different spare parts are ready to be shipped or collected  direct from our distribution center.
 Our spare parts of Hand  Pallet Trucks reduce  maintenance requirements and ensure reliability, long service life and  continuous availability of our products. RAMHOIST spare parts meet the highest quality  requirements and are perfectly aligned to fit our customer's needs. Our quick  and reliable logistics enable our products to be supplied efficiently and  effectively worldwide.