ISO9001 Certificated 2ton - 3ton Manual Pallet Jack orange Hand Pallet Truck

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Introduction of Hand Pallet Trucks 5
 Quick lift!
 Within 2 strokes, pallet is ready to be moved.
 Highly efficient achieve maximum lift height in half the time.
 Pump automatically switches to normal operation when load exceeds 150kg.
 Two years warranty pump!
 Unique double seals design ensures longer life than standard pump.
 Quick and easy-change cassette valve system with overload protection.
 Ergonomic handle!
 Perfectly ergonomic designed handle offers a comfortable trip in all temperatures and more lifting height per stroke then normal handle.
 New fork design!
 Ensures 25% more strength than standard fork. The Hand Pallet Truck can be used frequently in toughest conditions.
 New adjustable push rod!
 Extremely easy to adjust push rod without turn the truck.
 Self-lubricating bearings!
 Ensures long lift and repairable of the truck.
 Additional entry and exit rollers:
 Offer easier entry and exit from pallet and protect load wheels as well.

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Detailed images of Hand Pallet Trucks  

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 Packaging & Shipping
 Our package is considerate all the damage factors and makes it to be safe, and our shipping agent have full experienced in safe transportation. We have exported to 110 countries worldwide. So please don't worry, you will receive the parcel in good condition.

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 Our service
 We promise: within the guarantee time, we will repair or update our Hand Pallet Trucks by free charging,
 if we confirm the malfunction parts or accessories was broken caused 
 by manufacture problem or material adverse and our end-users using our products in an normal working conditions.
 Our guaranty is just valid for our products, and we will held no responsible for the damages arouse listed below:
 1. Loss of interest by unusable of our products.
 2. Overruns cost by unusable of our products.  
 3. Damage of business or damage of financial credibility or other damage by 
 unusable of our products.