New Hydraulic Pump AC Manual Pallet Truck 2500kg Hand Operated Forklift trolley

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Introduction of Hand Pallet Trucks 6
 Ordinary handle
 Ordinary handles are suitable for ordinary situations
 Rubber covered handle
 Rubber covered handle are more comfortable and more suitable for cold climates
 Nylon wheel
 Nylon wheel is low resistance. And its price is cheap. Due to its hard surface, it's easy to create noise and dust, it's easy to damage Epoxy floor
 PU Wheel
 PU Wheel is in suitable resistance. It's durable due to its iron core. And  PU wheel is mild for the group. Use for ceramic tiles, floor, epoxy resin etc.

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 Detailed description
 DF Pump is the traditional hydraulic pump and has been sold in the market for years. The DF pump is solid. And it could control the falling speed.
 BF Pump The integral pump is cast as a whole, with low probability of
 oil leakage, long service life, easy hand pressure, low  failure rate advantage.

Detailed images of Hand Pallet Trucks

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 We are experienced manufacturer and overseas dealer. Our Hand Pallet Trucks have been exported to over 110 countries. An independent research team specially focusing on motors design and production. A professional service team for customers will provide feedback within 24 hours.

Packaging & Shipping
 3 layers package. Outside is wood craft case. In the middle covered by foam to protect the motor from shaking. Inside layer covered by thickening plastic bag for waterproof.

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