3000kg 3M-6M Side Shifter diesel forklift truck diesel engine powered forklift

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Introduction of Diesel Forklift 

 1.Protection bracket for working light.
 2.Insulating blackest are used for the engine cover to reduce the  noise level
 3.The integrated control box increase the reliability of the electrical system and provides easy services access via diagnosis system
 4.Shock absorbing technology for reduced vibration is used. 

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Detailed Description of Diesel Forklift 

 Model FD480
 1) Pneumatic/Solid tire
 2) Mast 3-6m, 3 kinds
 3) OEM color & logo
 4) Various Attachments
 5) China/Import Engine, Controller
 -- Great Reliability
 -- Innovative Design
 -- Simplified Serviceability
 -- Enhanced Productivity
 -- Wide-view Mast -- offer enhanced forward visibility, thus more efficiency and safety during operation
 -- Solid Overhead Guard -- specially designed for additional security
 -- Ergonomics Seat -- much more comfortable and fatigue- reliveable after long time operation
 -- Powerful Engine -- imported brand engine ensures high performance, safety and efficiency
 -- Super low & Non-slip step

Detailed images of Diesel Forklift  

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