1.0-3.5 ton diesel forklift truck with Japanese engine and CE certificate

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 Tag: FD30 Graceful diesel forklift with ISUZU engine. (engine made in Japan)
 1, Standard configuration
   FD30 Diesel forklift 3.0Ton

 Load capacity: 3000kg
 ISUZU C240 diesel engine
 Auto Transmission
 Load center: 500mm
 Lift height: 3-6.5M
 CST Pneumatic tires
 Fork 1070mm

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Detailed Description
 1. Wide-view mast gives the operator an enhanced forward visibility, which adds greatly to the efficiency and safety of operator.
 2. Specially designed solid over-head guard provides additional security for the operator.
 3. Super and non-slip step make operating convenient and safe.
 4. The powerful engine ensures RAMHOIST trucks high handing performance and offers an intrinsically safe and efficient operation.
 5. This popular feature allows operator to adjust seat to their preferred position of operation comfortable and free.
 6. The instruments offer an easy access to the working condition of the truck, thus makes handling process more efficient and safe.

Detailed images of Diesel Forklift

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 Packaging & Shipping

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 1.Does the forklift engine can be changed?
 Yes, Chinese or Japan brand engine are available here.
 2.Does the color can be customized?
 Yes, all color are available.
 3.What kinds of forklift you can supply?
 Diesel, Propane, electric power are available.