New China Diesel engine 2 ton 3 ton 4 ton 5 ton 7 ton 10 ton Forklift Truck For Sale

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Introduction of diesel Forklift

 1- Auto electric hydraulic transmission by TCM technology, just use your finger can achieve the forklift's forward and backward;
 2- Japan hydraulic system;
 3- USA Eaton steering gear;
 4- LED light& Protection , with long durability time;
 5- Copper Radiator, with better heat radiation;
 6- Red/yellow/green and all kinds of customized colors for your reference;
 7- Standard duplex mast, optional 3M-7M duplex / triplex mast;
 8 - Standard China XC490 engine, optional Japan Isuzu/Mitsubishi /  Yanmar engine;

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Detailed Description
 3.5 Ton Diesel Forklift Common Optionals:
 Side shifter, Double front tires, Solid tire, Double air filter, Vertical exhaust, fork extension, Cab, Fork positioner, duplex/ triplex full free mast.
 Container Package Method:
 3-3.5 ton diesel forklift package:20GP container can hold 2 units,40GP  container can hold 4 units.
 Spare Parts With Delivery:
 To guarantee every diesel forklift customer has a good forklift using feeling and longer using life, we send some spare parts for free with every forklift delivery, eg: filters, seal and related
 In future, if customers need any spare parts, we will give reflection within 24hours, so please be relax, we will never leave our customers in anxious situation, especially spare parts.
 Forklift Catalogue:
 Diesel Forklift capacity is from 1.5 ton diesel forklift to10 ton diesel  forklift;
 Electric Forklift capacity is from 1.5ton battery forklift to 3.5ton battery  forklift;
 LPG&Gasoline Forklift capacity is from 1.5ton LPG forklift to 3.5ton LPG forklift;
 Wear house material handling equipment include Electric Pallet Truck (TB)/Electric Stacker(DB)/ Electric Reach Truck(YB)/Electric Tractor(QB).

Detailed images 

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Advantages of Diesel Forklift
 1. Stream-line design: Exclusive streamline design, fashionable and spirituality.
 2.Side shifter: Standard equip with side shifter, operation more easier and  improve work efficiency.
 3. High performance shell hydraulic oil: Protect key spare parts and prolong working life.
 4. Safety belt seat: Safe, comfortable and equip with warning system without fasten seat belt.
 5. High exhaust fans: Provide better working environment for operator.
 6. Integrated overhead guard: Well protect the operator
 7. Hydraulic shift and key-switch type flame-out device: Operation and  flame-out much easier.
 8. Up market meter and car parking type brake: Totally enclosed car type meter desk, car parking type brake save effort for operation.