High Quality Mitsubishi Engine 3T 4.5ton Counterbalance Diesel Forklift

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Introduction of diesel Forklift

 Rugged Engine and Optimal Performance
 Reposition of hydraulic pipelines around the fuel tank and the enhanced cooing system increase ventilation, and make it easier to keep the 
 high temperature of engine and oil in control, even in the harshest working environments
 Excellent hydraulic system shows great performance in all aspects
 -Uses a load-sensing flow control valve for steering to reduce 
 horsepower loss and heat buildup.
 -The main hydraulic valve incorporates adjustable flow controls for tit and auxiliary functions -Allows for easy addition of extra functions and simplifies service.
 -Controlled lowering speed Independent of load speed.

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 Detailed Description
 * 3.0ton diesel forklift with Isuzu engine
 * Automatic transmission
 * fork length: 1070mm, 1220mm....1820mm...2570mm
 * Lifting height from 3000-6500mm
 * Hot selling options: Side shift, solid tyre, triplex 4500mm container mast, fork positioner; cabin, air conditioner

 The Latest Anti-Vibration and Shock Absorbing System
 The anti-vibration rubber is installed between the guard and truck frame to reduce the source of vibration and noise while driving This will not only reduce operator's fatigue but will also increase safety
 Superior Comfort from Suspension Design
 The suspension cab and seat design reduces travel vibration by 30%, so the operator feels less fatigue and greater comfort during  the 
  Ergonomically Positioned Pedals Based on human engineering, the accelerator, brake and  inching 
 pedals are optimally positioned for operator's convenience and reduce 
 operator's fatigue.
  Lower Entrance Height
 The lower entrance height ensures easy and safe access for the 
 operator, Wide open step offers convenience and safety when entering 
 and exiting truck


Detailed images of diesel Forklift

 New Designed Radiator
 The new downsize water room of radiator reduces thickness of water conduits  and extends wave length to increase ventilation and air flow rates


Multifunctional Dashboard
 The newly designed dashboard is installed with larger screen and constant  status is noticeable


Packaging & Shipping

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