Janpan engine fork lift 3 ton 4 ton 5 ton diesel oil forklift truck

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Character Of Forklift:
 1). Streamlined exterior and beautiful appearance
 2). The wide-view mast improves the efficiency and safety of operations
 3). Scientific ergonomic designs ensure the comfort of driving
 4). Buffer device for steering axle
 5). Overhead intake system and overhead dual air filters
 6). Inter grand hood is effectual in heat insulation and noise reduction
 7). LPG is optional according to customers' demands.
With great support from the parent company, we have access to advanced technology and incorporate the state-of-the-art technology into our product. Our construction machine is ISO 9001, 1400, 18001 and CE compliant, capable of satisfying customer demand, perfectly. Following the development planning of the parent company, our constructs its own engine production and supply system. We are making great effort to become the most competitive supplier for forklift, worldwide.

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Detailed Description

Forklift trucks for container operation inside are generally under 5 tons in the market, that is very difficult for loading and unloading some overweight goods inside the container. So we develop the CPCD80- WXⅠand CPCD100- WXⅠmodels 8-10T forklift trucks for container operation inside.

Main Features

 1) Integrated overhead guard by punching
 2) Energy-efficient hydraulic system
 3) Buffer device for transverse steering axle
 4) Overhead dual air filters

Detailed images


1.The superior restraint seat with suspension increases the comfortable and reliability of the operator.

2.The lateral steering cylinder makes the diesel forklift more compact,the turning radius more smaller, ensures the perfect maneuverability in the narrow space.

3.The full opening top panel with double spring supporting, allows for quick and easy serving. Sound absorbing material inside the panel helps reduce noise and vibration

4.The adjustable steering wheel allows for smooth positioning of the wheel, accommodating the operation's preference. Fully hydraulic steering makes the steering much easier.

5.This ensures that only when the directional change lever stays the neutral position, then the engine can be started.

6.Low noise to operate in quiet work.

7.Steady moving, efficient energy saving.

8.Excellent maneuverability

9.Utilize work space effectively