3 ton diesel forklift with toyota Engine, Isuzu Engine 4.8 m lift height, 3 stage mast side shift

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Introduction of diesel forklift
 1. Operator's front view is improved through lowering the dashboard;
 Vibration is reduced with suspended cab (overhead guard);
 2. Super comfortable. All with comfortable driving space, adjustable steering  wheel and seats, super low and non-slip step, suspension steering axle, storing  space.
 3. High Security. Whole perspective mast and backrest, super good view, high  strength overhead guard, high place security combination lamp, neutral security  features, parking brake, fork lock function(optional),all for safety.
 4. A kind of benefits diesel forklift, owns high cost performance.

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Detailed Description
 1. Features:
 The diesel forklift adopts articulated frame, hydraulic-mechanical transmission, lower-pressure, wide-base tyre and four wheel driving, owning good adhesive property, great draw bar force, and excellent cross-country ability. The working part adopts special channel steel.
 2. Optional: 
 (1) Side shift
 (2) Air Condition 
 (3) Solid tyre


Detailed images 

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