2.5T electric forklift with AC motor for driving and DC motor for lifting

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Introduction of Electric Forklifts

 Imported CURTIS AC controller and MOSFETS drive has functions of stepless speed and reverse braking.
 The drive system is quick in action, with strong overload capacity and smooth output, effectively prolong the service life of the battery.
 The hydraulic power unit, power of 3.0KW, ensures stable and reliable lifting and lowering when loaded.
 The main mast is made by 12# U steel. the high strength of the truck body ensures the stability when operating. 

With the spirit of exploration and the attitude of continuous innovation, we have had a full comprehensive range of equipment for various warehousing and material handling applications, from hand pallet trucks, electric stackers to counterbalance forklifts. Being vibrant, confident and courageous, we keep expanding the market share, triggered a strong concern in the industry. 

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Detailed Description

Standard Configuration of our 1.5/2/2.5/3ton Battery Electric Forklift
 1.American Curtis Controller
 2.Advanced Hydraulic Automatic Transmission
 3.Electric-hydraulic Directional Control Valve
 4.AC Motor, Larger Power
 5.Lifting Height 3000mm, Duplex Mast
 6.Pneumatic Tyres
 7.Fork Length 920mm/1070mm
 8.Comfortable Seat with Armrest and Safe-belt, etc.
 Optional Equipment
 1.Italian Zapi Controller
 2.Lifting Height 3m-7m
 3.Full-free Duplex or Triplex Mast
 4.Side Shift, Solid Tyres, No-mark Solid Tyres, Suspension Seat
 5.Driver's Cabin, Customized Color, etc.

Detailed images of Electric Forklifts 

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 Quality Advantage
 For our mini 1.5/2/2.5/3 ton battery electric forklift with lower price.
 1. Larger Battery, High-level Battery
    For our 2ton 2.5ton forklift, our battery is 48V/600Ah, larger battery, long service time.
    Our battery is from one of leading battery manufacturers in China, high-level quality, long service life.
 2. We use Japan Germany Transmission
    All key parts are imported from Japan and  Germany.
    Others all use China made transmission. All gears are made in China.
 3. We use Japan Hydraulic System (gear pump, cylinder, high-pressure oil pipe)
    Others all use normal China made pump pipes.
 4. We use High Frequency Charger 
    Save much charging time for you.
 5. We use Reliable & Flexible Casting Steering System          
    Now global top forklift brands all use casting steering system, while other China brands still use traditional welding axle. Casting type is stronger, and low maintenance cost than welding axle.