1500kgs three wheel big electric 3-way Very Narrow Aisle forklift truck

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   The electric lifting forklift is widely used in large warehouse. The operation performance is excellent, for running and lifting, the inching is stable and acceleration is rapid. Load sensing and single pump distribution technologies are adopted and turning noise during running is remarkably decreased, the separate tooth low-noise pump is provided thus working noise is reduced remarkably.

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Detailed Description of Electric Forklifts

 The integrated design of axle and transmission reduces the front 
 overhang and turning radius, makes the vehicle compact
 The battery is arranged at the bottle of frame, the side 
 packing up battery changing design makes work easier
 The low resistance design of tire reduces energy consumption
 A automobile-like design of the steering wheel and direction switch make operation more convenient, 3 working modes make working more efficiently
 Optional sensing system on the seat to lock the working device when 
 the operator leave the seat, which can avoid the misoperatation
 Standard LED front light and combination rear light

1. Advanced AC dual drive motor can produce strong traction and power.
 2. Motor release brake, regenerative brake, so that the vehicle brake more stable.
 3. It has slope anti-skid function.
 4. Strong AC oil pump motor provides greater torque which can make fork lift and drop more stable.
 5. The lifting speed is adjustable.
 6. The design of the position of the joystick is more in line with ergonomic principle, which can reduce the fatigue of the driver.
 7. The instrument layout is reasonable, so that the driver can clearly observe the running state of the car.
 8. Intelligent liquid crystal display screen can display fault code, so that drivers and maintenance master can easily find fault, reduce detection time and improve maintenance efficiency.
 9. Wide view frame
 10. Adjustable steering wheel and seat provide comfortable working environment for operation.
 11. The steering is made extremely accurate and sensitive by sensors.

Detailed image of Electric Forklifts

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Packaging  & Shipping

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