Good quality 1 ton 3 wheels 4 wheels full AC motor small electric forklift

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Introduction of Electric Forklifts

 The AC traction electrical control and AC pump electrical control are configured with self protection and maintenance free.

 All motors are provided with temperature sensors and speed sensors.
The closed-loop control of travelling speed is configured with standard configuration of power switch (turtle crawl), which provides safety and energy saving,

The function of automatic parking on a slope under no-load/full load condition is configured. 

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Detailed Description
 * 2.5ton electric forklift
 * Full AC system, both driving & lifting system are in AC
 * U.S.A Curtis or Italy Zapi electric controller
 * Lifting height from 3000-6500mm
 * Hot selling options: Side shift, solid tyre, triplex 4500mm  container mast, fork positioner; 

 Advanced design
 Wide-View Mast
 Wide-View mast provides operator the optimum visibility during loading and  unloading. It not only improves the work efficiency, but also increases the safety of the operator.
 CURTIS controller incorporate a powerful microprocessor together with MOSFEL power electronic. It controls the forklift move precisely with high energy efficiency at low noise level from smooth, sensitive inching to powerful acceleration and regenerative braking.
 Easy open battery cover can make user convenience to make daily cheek up. High voltage battery can supply the forklift with strong power.
 Adjustable Seat
 The adjustable seat allows operator to adjust the seat to their preferred operating position, which makes the operator more comfortable and reduce fatigue.


Detailed images of Electric Forklifts  

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Our service
 Reliable Forklift Quality
 With the international testing standard, more reliable supplier chain,
 higher quality control to ensure the stability and quality of forklifts

Experienced Support Team
 There are very experienced technical support team to provide
 professional training to clients from. Different Countries

 Financial Support
 If the customer needs a large number of forklifts for inventory or 
 leasing, for our long-term cooperation, our company is willing to
 provide financing activities.


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Packaging & Shipping

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