3 wheel container lifting electric forklift 1.3-2.0ton with ZAPI AC controller

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 Energy from braking can recharge the battery by 30%, prolong the battery life. The mast with wide field of sight is standard configuration, providing clear sight and high efficiency. The descending buffer is standard configuration, preventing the mast impact during descending. The mast is formed by steel channel with big cross-section. Which has solid structure and strong load-bearing capability
 We adhere to the operation philosophy of "Quality Services, Technology Innovation, Integrity Management and Lenient towards Others "and take the advantage of leading technology, sophisticated equipment and complete testing measures to professionally study and manufacture environment friendly and high intelligent reach forklift truck,  electric pallet truck etc.

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Detailed Description of Electric Forklifts

 1. Color: yellow, orange or as per customer request
 2. Capacity: 1000kg/ 1500kg/ 2000kg/3000kg/4000kg are available
 4. Advanced Robot welding ensures high strength, good finish, no bubble in the welding.
 5. With perfect after-sale groups, answer your questions in time.
 6. Power coating finish, reliable quality
 7. With overload protection, Integral pump, which prevents loosening, leak-proof
 8. High efficiency pump, operating lighter, more comfortable
 9. Can be lifted both by handle or foot pedal
 10.  Lifting speed keeps smooth regardless of loading weight, which is safe to use
 11.  Maintenance-free design, ensures security, reduces service cost
 12. Three different types of forks are optional

Detailed images of Electric Forklifts

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 1. Q: Warranty of forklift?
    A: 12 months from B/L date or 2000 working hours whichever      
 comes first.
 2. Q:What services can you offer?
    A: (1)Inquiry and consulting support;
        (2)High quality with competitive price;
        (3)Engineers provide service after-sale;
        (4)Excellent supplier system and accessories support.