Fork Lifter four wheel electric forklift 2ton with 2-stage wide view mast

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Introduction of Electric Forklifts


Optional configurations for our DC electric forklift truck include solid tires, double  front tires, no mark tires, alarm flash, rear work light, widened fork holder, supper high backrest, sheath of fork, windscreen with wiper, damping chair, safe belt, customized color, lengthened fork, rob, boom, job, bucket, hinged  forks, side shift, rotators, fork positioners, telescopic forks, drum clamps, pull-push, paper roll clamps, bale clamps, carton clamps, etc.

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Detailed Description
 Wide view mast and power steering
 Steering wheel left skewness would enlarge view range in the front.
 Comfortable seats with handrails
 The design with an emergency power switch could increase security.
 Advanced technology of double motors
 It remarkably decreases noise of working, and the truck is more reliable and conveniently operated.
 Intelligent system of soft landing
 Descending cushion intelligently and speed down automatically during the mast being 100mm~30mm so as to avoid the product dash the ground, which will protect both the product and the ground.
 Wide floor and open, Non-slip step
 Wide-space is designed for operator moving legs, making operating convenient more comfortable.
 New design for battery cover plate and safety catch
 Convenient tor checking battery acid, prevent from cover plate 

 1. Our DC electric forklift truck is available with a loading capacity ranging from 1.6 to 2.5 tons. In addition, anti-freezing type that can work with a temperature under -35 Celsius degree is also available as option.
 2. This electric forklift truck adopts internationally-advanced dual electronic control technology, which greatly enhances the reliability, decrease the noise of the DC electric forklift truck. It makes operation and maintenance easy. 
 3. It is equipped with intelligent lowering and buffering system, which ensures the smooth lifting and lowering of the fork.
 4. It is provided with wide view mast and power assisted steering.
 5. This DC electric forklift truck is of comfortable chair with armrest and  spacious design in the cab.
 6. It is equipped with emergency switch, imported accelerator, and newly  designed cell cover with lock. 

Detailed images of Electric Forklifts

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 Reliable After-sale Service
   We only choose long cooperation suppliers, this largely avoid the risk of breakdown in parts supply chain. 
   With years' development, we have established mature dealership and service shop in more than 150 countries and regions. It's very easy to buy our spare parts and get maintenance cost in your local. While other brand can't do this.
   The price of our forklifts are low, we also will save more  maintenance cost for you in the future.