2.5 ton 3 ton electric lithium battery powered Seated Driving lifting forklift

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Introduction of Electric Forklifts

 AC drive system gives precise control, longer battery life; Aluminum cover, good heat dissipation for longer service life.
 The latest AC controller, reliable quality, excellent performance, with regenerative braking.
 Top-class hydraulic, low noise, low vibration, good sealing to ensure smooth and reliable decline.
 Precision electronic limit switches.
 Truck circuit lines in nylon casing, wiring clean and corrosion,oil & abrasion resistant.
 AC drive motor, no carbon brushes, reducing maintenance costs. Vertical drive motor make the inspection and repair more convenient, which performance much better than the transverse motor.

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Detailed Description
  Factory Hot Sale Four Wheel Drive Electric Forklift 
 The design of integrated micro-switches, easy for replacement .
 Battery cover is easy to open, convenient to add distilled water or electrolyte of the battery.
 Controller self-diagnosis system makes trouble shooting  easier.
 Emergency reverse switch
 Emergency power-off disconnect
 Foldable pedal, skid-proof, shock absorption, reducing the operator's fatigue
 2. Fork Width: 250~1040mm
 3. Lift height:3000mm
 4. Option with side battery 

An interactive CURTIS LCD instrument is provided, by which, the running performance and lifting performance can be set, operating condition of each motor can be monitored and working time an failure codes can be obtained.

The closed-loop control of lifting speed is designed to guarantee accurate and comfortable lifting operation.

The electrical system is controlled by CAN bus that transmits signal fast and accurately.

The climbing power is sufficient and the whole speed can be increased by 20%. 

 Detailed images of Electric Forklifts

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Packaging & Shipping

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