Double front tyres 2 ton small electric forklift with triplex mast 6m lifting height

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electric forklift truck car product concept:

 1, full exchange system control precision, smooth running, driving speed 15km/h, climbing up to 14% at full load, Lifting speeds up to 370mm/s;
 2, high-performance hydraulic system, low noise, small vibration, high efficiency;
 3, 80V / 500Ah industrial battery, powerful lasting, most enterprises to meet the high frequency, high efficiency, demand for goods handling;
 4, overhead guard and body welding the overall structure, the overall strength;
 5, low noise gear pumps, multi-stage motor speed control, fall protection solenoid valves; built-in safety valve lift cylinder;
 6, suitable for indoor and outdoor operation, less demanding on the ground.

Detailed Description

electric forklift truck car operation performance:
 1, human-oriented design of the control handle, easy to operate hand movements, improving driving comfort;
 2, load sensing hydraulic steering system, lightweight, low noise, more effort;
 3, wide view mast design, the view is clear, lifting height of 3-6 meters;
 4, good regenerative braking process to avoid damage to the goods.

electric forklift truck car safety performance:
 1 controller with over voltage, over current protection features, high-temperature, short circuit;
 2, emergency off switch, you can quickly cut off the vehicle power supply;
 3, lifting the bottom of the fuel tank explosion-proof valve is installed, immediate pipeline rupture, the door frame is not rapid decline;
 4, intelligent design improves cornering stability of the vehicle  deceleration when walking to avoid tipping cargo. (Optional);
 5, OPS driver's presence sensing system; When the driver leaves the position after the operation to cut off all operating functions, to avoid  misuse brings security risks.

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  1. CURTIS electronic control system & power-off protection mechanism.
   2. Excellent low speed AC motor and low noise gear box, single pump shunt.
   3. Intelligent electronic instruments.
   4. Graceful appearance. Firm and reliable frame, the thickness of plate reaches 10 mm.
   5. Ergonomic design and adjustable shock absorption seat.
   6. Transverse drive motor, long hours working battery.