Four-wheel counterbalanced weight electric forklift for Warehouse Container

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Introduction of Electric Forklifts


 The usage and maintenance of the electric forklift is lower than the internal combustion  forklift. As the growth of the usage, the gap will become bigger and bigger.
 The steering system, control system and braking system of the  electric forklift are all controlled by the electrical signal, To operate it more comfortably.
 More widely using range, and can be used indoor and outdoor.
 Controller and motor are all closed structure, Can  be provided more protection.
 Braking system with functions of regenerative braking, to conserve energy.
 Carbon emissions, exhaust emission, and dust emissions to zero, and also zero  pollution to the environment

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Detailed Description of Electric Forklifts

 · ZAPI Controller, AC System;
 · Hoppeake battery
 · Duplex 3M MAST (2-stages mast);
 · Pneumatic tyre;
 · Working lights, buzzer, reverse alarm light, mirrors, seat belt, and the other standard equipment;
 · AC-front dual drive motors
 · Full AC system;
 · Power matched with controller;
 · Excellent waterproof and dustproof performance;
 · Regenerative braking system;
 · Emergent circuit breaker;
 · Low noise pump;

 Comfortable seat with larger seat-back angle provides maximum 
 operator comfort also has full suspension seat for option.
 The strong overhead guard offers great protection combined with
 excellent all  round visibility. It can protect operators and strong then the truck's structure

 1. The seated switch, When left the seat, the vehicle can not go forward or lifting.
 2. Emergency switch post conditions (near the seat) press conveniently.
 3. Turn slowdowns: When the vehicle turning, the truck slow down, it will be very safe. The low battery protection function: when  the battery voltage lower than the min battery voltage (20%), the  speed will reduce, lift will be impossible.
 4. Lifting overload protection, Mast Explosion-proof structure design, Improve the safety of vehicle
 5. The integrated welding truck frame and safe guard make safety performance good.
 1. AC traction motor, maintenance free. Performance is more reliable. AC motor adopts external type encoder. Maintenance Conveniently.
 2. Hour meter displays fault code. Greatly facilitate maintenance.
 3.Open the body cover by inspecting the controller, hydraulic motor pump and all key components. Makes the maintenance much more convenient.
 4. Press-on load wheel reduces the maintenance cost.
 5. Reasonable collocation for drive motor, pump motor, Brake pedal. Optimized line pipe. Easy to open pedal. makes the inspeciton, maintenance and replacement for components much more convenient.

Detailed images of Electric Forklifts

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 Advanced Technology:
 -Ergonomically design
 -Power train with perfect drive concept
 -Big volume and high performance cooling system
 -Reliable Hydraulic system
 -Intelligent buffering system
 -Integrated intelligent instrument
 -Clear electric circuit
 -A high degree and fully open engine cover, easy to maintain and repair
 -Lower gravity