4 meter Duplex Mast Battery Electric forklift with imported controller, Toyota seat

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Introduction of Electric Forklifts

 Characteristic Configuration
 1.Regenerative brake, Slope slip resistance.
 AC controller. Guaranteed the driving safety.
 2.Low-noise gear pump.
 3.Larger armrest for up and down low position pedal. Given the adequate consideration in humanity demands.
 4.Dual-motor drive mode, The ac drive control system, Efficient maintenance-free AC motor, high pulling torque, well-done in climbing slope. powerful traction, arge, powerful vehicles, make sure the truck keep stable over rough roads. in the meantime, then the battery can be used for long time.
 5.Intelligent instrument displays electric quantity, service time and error code etc. system information.
 6.Imported waterproof and dustproof connector assembly.
 7.The steering wheel is adjustable, Drive space is large, Braking accelerator pedal to optimize configuration, Innovative design new instrument, Comfortable manipulation.
 8.The gearbox drive axle, double gearbox, double working motor driving.
 9.Safety and comfortable seat, Increase the driver's comfortability.
10.Add the lateral device, More conveniently for the customer to use and replace the battery.
11.Combined contact roller mast, great strength, Low degree of deformation

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Detailed Description of Electric Forklifts 

 -Load capacity of 2000kg 2500kg, stable and economic. 
 -High-Strength Overhead Guard 
 -Famous Shell Brand Hydraulic Oil 
 -ISO14001 Environmental Certification, All nuts use zinc clear. 
 -Korean KCC painting 
 -Wide view Mast 
 -Battery can be taken out easily(two way, From top and from side) 
 -LED lamp 
 -Famous brand battery and charger 
 -Curtis or Zapi AC controller 
 -Reasonable structure, better heat dissipation for controller 
 -Battery water automatic replenish for optional 
 -Powerful AC driving motor applied to reduce maintenance cost and increase the overall performance.

Detailed images of Electric Forklifts

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Advantages of RAMHOIST Electric Forklifts

 1, One-piece designed of suspension frame.
 2, New water tank & cooling system.
 3, Larger operation space. Optimized steering wheel, operating handle and  pedals.
 4, High-efficiency hydraulic system, lower fuel consumption.
 5, Enhanced wide view mast improves the work efficiency and operating safety.
 -Warranty period: one year or 2000 working hours which come first.
 -All with reliable power accessories in Stock.