New 3 wheel Mini electric forklift with 1.5 ton 2ton 2.5ton 3ton capacity

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Introduction of Electric Forklifts  


      1.Hydraulic System rationally adopts supple and stiff tubes to reduce pressure loss, accelerating the lift of mast. Hydraulic units employ the seal units imported from Japan and passing thousands of tests.

      2.Heat Dissipation System

      3.Newly adopted advanced radiator improves the radiator cooling performance greatly. Advanced heat dissipation technology improves heat dissipation channel, which enhances the truck heat dissipation capability further.

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Detailed Description
 Easy Service &Maintenance Design
 The bolt mounted foot step cover can be easily taken off to do 
 inspection and service.This design increases the space of maintenance 
 and lowers the maintenance cost to the least.
 Central Integrated Electric System
 We adopt industrial electric system design. The central integrated 
 design of the electric system enables the service to be easier and faster.
 Reliable Forklift Quality
 With the international testing standard, more reliable supplier chain,
 higher quality control to ensure the stability and quality of forklifts.
 Comprehensive Parts Supply System

 Parts supply system complied with multi-functional parts warehouse and I-NET system, RAMHOIST forklift can provide clients with different type spare parts in time and accuracy.
 Ternary Purification Device (option)
 The accelerant and harmful gas in this device can take place the 
 chemical reaction. This device is usually used in the Gasoline and LPG forklifts. Our FORKLIFT adopts multiple purification and filter system, which can 
 Purify exhaust more effectively and minimize the harm to human beings 
 and environment. It can transform toxic and harmful gas into harmless 
 carbon dioxide and water vapor, therewith reaches environmental 
 protection purpose.

Electrical System:
 Electric system adopts advanced wiring harness, waterproof parts and widespread multi run use to improve the circuits security and stability. Without tool, the circuit integration can be maintained just by hand.

Detailed images of Electric Forklifts

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 Packaging & Shipping of Electric Forklifts

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