4500kg Load capacity double fuel gas/petrol Forklift with 2 stage mast,lift height 3m

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Introduction of Propane forklifts


   1. Environment friendliness
   Low noise and exhaust emissions make Propane forklift environment friendliness.
   2. Outstanding comfort
   Operation comfort is improved through ergonomic design, enlarged operation space and reasonable layout.
   3. Safety and reliability
   It is designed to be tougher and more durable
   4. Easy maintenance
   It is easy to carry out maintenance and thus prolongs truck service life.
   5. Excellent working efficiency

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Detailed Description of Propane forklifts

 2.5T LPG Forklift with Japan original Nissan K25 Engine
 3-Stage(Triplex) 4.5 Meters Full Free Lifting Height Mast
 Side Shifter Function, Solid Tire all 4 tires
 . professional technology workers preparing mini parts from steel plate
 . welding robot & workers' technology for oil tank and other details on forklift
 . every part, frame  passed six times paint, finish bright color
 . quality department do tires, mast angel, brake line, climbing, lifting trial running

Detailed images of Propane forklifts

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 1)Reliable Quality: Carefully select regular manufacturers for supporting spare parts, like engines, bridge, transmissions, and many parts designed and produced by ourselves, always adapting the best materials. 
 2)Competitive Price: Concentration of mechanized production in large quantities reduce production costs to ensure that our price is competitive.
 3)Service Team: First, our sales managers are working 24 hours one day, ready to answer your questions at any time. Second, professional maintenance team with senior technicians, ready to provide support services to users and dealers. Most problems can be solved within 24 hours.
 4)Fast Delivery: Under normal circumstances, we can delivery with 10 working days in factory after receiving pre-payment. 

Packaging & Shipping of Propane forklifts  

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