3.5 ton propane forklift, lpg forklift with Nissank25 engine

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Introduction of Propane forklifts

 The CPQD30 LPG forklift is ideal for industrial applications both indoors and outdoors. Equipped with a high powered and electronically controlled engine, these high performance engines provide greater power and lift speeds than the standard models. This added power ensures heavy duty performance and efficiency necessary for use in the most demanding applications.

  • Low emission engines

  • Fuel efficient

  • Easy maintenance

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Detailed Description of Propane forklifts

 1. Japanese Nissan K21/K25 Engine.
 2. Excellent hydraulic drive system.
 3. Ergonomic design, FOP function and adjustable suspension seat.
 4. Shock absorption design overhead guard.
 5. Intelligent electronically controlled instrument & convenient shifting mechanism.
 6. Graceful appearance.
 7. Postioner with side shift function
 Detailed images of Propane forklifts   

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 Packaging & Shipping

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