Fork lift machine 5 ton LPG forklift with propane fuel

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Introduction of Propane forklifts

 1.Power System. Our forklifts are all with reliable power accessories, like Mitsubishi Engine. All accessories are support by domestic and world famous brand, high quality, reliable after-sales. We follow the strict environmental design, all engines match the China or even higher emission standards.
 2.Super comfortable. Our forklifts are all with comfortable driving space, adjustable steering wheel and seats, super low and non-slip step, suspension steering  axle, storing space, and convenient LCD panel.


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Detailed Description 
 Optional Japan Nissan engine; 
 Automatic transmission; 
 Safety LPG tank optional;
 Standard 2-stage 3000mm mast, optional 3-stage 4500mm mast and others;
 Standard 1070mm fork, optional 1220mm, 1370, 1520mm, 1820mm and 2000mm  forks;
 Optional side shifter, fork positioner and other attachments;
 Standard pneumatic tire, optional solid tire and non-mark tire; 
 Warning and rear light;
 Special-big radiator for top-hot area. 

Mast Self-locking Device (Option)
 For conventional forklifts, when mast extended and forklift powered off, 
 the operator can still lower the  mast. For our forklift, with optional mast 
 self-locking device, the forklift will be locked and lifting & lowering  can not be operated in order to avoid from some unexpected accidents.
 Mast Intelligent Buffering System
 With intelligently declining buffer sensor on the two ends of the  cylinder, the falling speed of the fork slows down automatically before it is 10cm from the ground, and the lifting speed to the top also 
 slows down to avoid quick hit on the top, it super increases the safety of the goods and forklifts.

Removable Wide View Cabin (Option)
 Because of the new shaped tube material applied to the overhead guard, the cabin can be removable easily.
 With full/ glass cabin and less plastic design, the operator can wide view all surroundings easily.

 Detailed images of Propane forklifts  

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 Packaging & Shipping of Propane forklifts  

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