LPG Dual Fuel Forklift 2 Ton 2.5 Ton Propane Fork Lift Truck Hydraulic Transmission Container Mast

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Introduction of Propane forklifts

 1). Streamlined exterior and beautiful appearance
 2). The wide-view mast improves the efficiency and safety of operations
 3). Scientific ergonomic designs ensure the comfort of driving
 4). Buffer device for steering axle
 5). Overhead intake system and overhead dual air filters
 6). Integrand hood is effectual in heat insulation and noise reduction
 7). LPG is optional according to customers' demands.

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 Detailed Description 
 Adopts advanced man-machine engineering design, including the engine collocated with floating shock-mitigating device, the elastic linked steering axle, the redirector providing low tensional moment, the semi-floating bonnet with built-in heat and sound insulation, and built-in cylinder design. All of those ensure the comfort of driving for this  propane forklift.  
 The domestic engines all meet EPA emission control regulation. The imported engines come up to EU stage-3 emission control regulation, and obtain EPA accreditation.
 Based on the safe principle, the high lifting speed of the mast  improves working efficiency .Turing radius and width of right angle stacking  aisle are decreased through reducing the dimension of the whole truck, which raise the efficiency of storehouse, and enable the truck to operate in limited space.
 A throttling device is set in pipe system, so  the mast won't result in failing to control even some pipes broke. By using  wide vision design, the scope of the operator's vision has been greatly improved, so as to make the operation faster and safer.
 1.5-4.5T forklift have high degree of common use, for their spare parts can be exchanged easily, which is convenient for maintenance.
 Detailed images of Propane forklifts


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 1.Does the  forklift engine can be changed?
 Yes, Chinese or Japan brand engine are available here.
 2.Does the color can be customized?
 Yes, all color are available.
 3.What kinds of forklift you can supply?
 Diesel, gasoline, LPG dual fuel, electric power are available.