1.5 ton Lpg gasoline/petrol dual fuel system forklift propane forklift truck

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 Propane forklifts use liquid propane gasoline as their powered energy, so they adopt gas engine. A gas tank is installed at the back-top of the propane forklifts. The high performance imported gas engine like Nissan, GM etc for these propane forklifts comply with EU/US standards which is highly efficient. These engines consume low energy and have low emission levels. The US IMPCO and PSI convert system of these propane forklifts can highly improve the efficiency of the converting process and act as a continuing support to the forklift performance. 
 Compared with the other two kinds of forklifts, propane forklifts have higher usability because they can be used both indoors and outdoors with little decrease in safety or efficiency. There are two types of gas forklifts, liquid propane gas (LPG) or petrol gas. Although propane emission level cannot compare to the zero level of electric, it is considered clean enough for indoor use. The LPG is also safer than other gases to use, unless there are food and beverage requirements. 
 Propane forklifts can generate better performance, better horsepower and torque than electric ones. They are easy to refuel and the process only involves replacing the empty propane cylinder with a full one. The travel speeds, rates of acceleration and lift speeds of propane forklifts usually outperform those of electric and diesel forklifts because they have better power to weight ratios and more responsive engines. The LPG is stored outside so the LPG storage cage can save valuable indoor storage space. 

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 Detailed Description 
 Compared with conventional forklifts, suspension cab design can lower 30% vibration during driving,

Power train Suspension
 Power train suspension structure  limits the vibration from operation system, it can significantly reduce driver's fatigue.
Smoke Purification Device (Option)
 With optional smoke purification device, RAMHOIST forklift can dramatically purify the harmful gas into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor, reduce a lot harm to human being sand environment.
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