Container handler Engine Japan EPA Certificate 1.5-4T LPG propane gas forklift

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Introduction of Propane forklifts

 1. A reliable mast
 The impact and vibration of mast are reduced significantly by using buffer device. Through finite element analysis plus optimizing the structural parameters, the vibration acceleration is reduced by 40%.
 2. More scientific and environmental design
 Equipped with high-quality engine, the emission meets the latest European EC and the EPA environmental regulation. The use of Non-asbestos insulation equipment is very effective to lower down the noise.
 The innovative design and optimized configuration of the lifting system improve the operator's visibility greatly, and provide a clear and accessible focus of vision to ensure the safety & efficiency of operating.
 3. More powerful
 Adopt the international electric actuators and makes the truck steering more  stable, and output power stronger!

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 Detailed Description 
 LED work lights and warning lights make it safer and more efficient even in poor lighting conditions.
 New designed overhead guard protective device prevent the sudden accidents.
 Thicker reinforcing plate ensure the safety and efficiency.
 2.Easy to operate:
 Lind-Technology single chain with reinforced  load backrest--makes an excellent and wider field of vision for operator.
 3.Beautiful and comfortable:
 New suspension adjustable seat makes the long  time operating more comfortable. 
 Step area is 1.5 times larger with lower step height than fellow forklifts.
 Sunken tilt cylinder under the floor build  broader flat floor and less abrasion.
 Change plastic slider to alloy copper slider, reduce the abrasion and narrow the gap between masts.
 Thicker steering axle bridge deck.
 Middle muffler, more environmental.
 6.High technology:
 Maintenance free radiators adopt Germany technology.
 Detailed images of Propane forklifts   

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  Packaging & Shipping of Propane forklifts  

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