Forklift 2.5 ton Tier 4 engine 5000 lb LPG gas lift truck propane forklift for US market

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Introduction of Propane forklifts

 1.- Wide view mast can enhance safety and accuracy for operator during work
 2.- Steering wheel can be adjusted by a lever on the right-hand side to a most comfortable operational position
 3.- The forward-reverse lever switches through a smaller arc than previous models, to save time and increase operational efficiency, since F/R switching is the most basic, but most often used function
 4.- The automotive-style light (head light and signal lights) design gives operator a more comfortable and familiar experience. This simple but useful design lets operator focus more on the lifting job

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 Detailed Description 
 Mast Tilt-controlled Device (Option)
 With mast tilt-controlled device, our forklift can decelerate as the lifting height increases when the triangle over 3M. Thus, it can prevent the cargo from falling when lifting and avoid unnecessary loss and accidents.

Operator Presense Security System (Option)
 With operator presense security system, RAMHOIST forklift can have the forklift stop moving forward when the operator leaves the seat which ensuring the safety of goods and people around at emergency situation.
 Parking Brake Warning Buzzer (Option)
 An automatic-style parking brake ensures of the convenience and
 safety. The warning buzzer will sound when the operator leaves the
 seat without parking the forklift.
 Newly Designed Engine Cover Structure
 With stronger and high intensity spring, the newly designed engine
 cover can be open at 75 degree to provide super, wide space for
 inspection and service.
 Unique Design of Radiator Assembly
Unique design of the radiator assembly, the counter weight is no need to be dismantled when replacing new radiator. It is easy to maintain and replace the radiator.
 Experienced Support Team
 There are very experienced technical support team in RAMHOIST forklift to provide professional training to clients from different country.
 Perfect After Sales Service System
 With perfect after sales service and I-NET system, RAMHOIST forklift can analyze each forklift issue easier, faster and more accurate.

 Detailed images of Propane forklifts   

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 Applications of Propane forklifts

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