2.5 ton Nissan engine 5000 lb LPG gasoline lift truck propane forklift for US market warehouse machine

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Introductionm of Propane forklifts

 1.-The space between the foot pedal and the leg beneath the seat is open and free of obstructions. Easy enter or exit
 2. One-touch button to remove the floorboard makes service and maintenance much easy and reduces down-time
 3. Original American IMPCO transferring device
 4.Intelligent  Buffer Design Avoids Sharp Collision And Minimizes The Risk Of Damage During Lower Of Loads, Wide-view Mast Also Provides High-visibility To The Operator

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Detailed Description of Propane forklifts

4 cyline JAPAN NISSAN K21/K25  engine, USA PSI, 4Yengine option

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USA IMPCO LPG system installment with one tank

IMPORT Germany H type steel, making the mast very strong and top quality

Detailed images of Propane forklifts

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