Chinese manufacture 3 ton 3.5 ton gasoline/LP gas propane tank pallet truck forklift

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Introduction of Propane forklifts

 Fork: standard with hydraulic fork position, easy operation and reduce drivers' labor intensity.
 Steering system: adopt transverse oil cylinder type steering bridge, full
 hydraulic steering, flexible and light, reliable.Transmission & torque converter: imported technology, reliable performance, convenient maintenance, smooth transmission, and convenient operation.Braking system: use mature product from professional manufacturer, disc brakes, heat dissipation faster, light, simple structure and easy to adjust. Especially have very good thermo stability performance when heavy loaded, braking
 effect stable.
 Explosion proof safety valve for pipeline:avoid the pipeline bursting suddenly, ensure system working safety and reliability.Control system: pilot valve control device to make the work efficiency and reduce drivers' labor intensity.Cooling system: adopt independent transmission oil and hydraulic oil cooling, increasing system stability.

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Detailed Description of Propane forklifts

 We can supply propane LPG Forklifts from 1500-4000 kg capacity. with Japanese advanced technology designs and high quality materials such as: 

 1)BAO steel for mast and frame, with original Japanese EU III engine and Auto transmission.

 2) With Japanese Nissan engine and American IMPCO LPG system.                  

 3)With Japanese pumps and valve, oil seals and bearings and most of parts is international famous brand. 

 4)With copper tank for cooling unit. 

 5)Most of our engineer team have more than 10 years working  experience in the fields of forklift. 

 6)Quality department will do check and test for more than  1000 items for each forklift before delivery. 

 Detailed images of Propane forklifts

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 1) the products range including forklift, warehouse equipment and RAMHOIST forklift with one stop supplying. 
 2) We have a large number of parts for storage to sure supply you quickly. 
 3) 24 hours full time to reply your problems and provide solutions. 
 4) we promise to give all inquires and orders from your market if you would be our exclusive agent 
 5) we will pay for your B2B advertisement or exhibition in your market if you would be our exclusive agent.
 6) Our professional and top level engineer will go to your site for training if necessary 
 7) we will offer big amount as bonus if you finish expected sales volume