2.5ton Ratchet Wire Rope Puller Hand power portable cable ratchet puller tightener with hooks

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 1> A hand puller (also known as ratchet puller, power puller, or come along)
 2> Its a lever operated manual device used to lift lower, or pull a load and to apply or release tension.
 3> It utilizes a ratchet and pawl mechanical configuration to incrementally raise or lower a load or to apply or release tension. 

Detailed Description
 Name: Alloy steel hook
 High quality thicken alloy steel hook, can be hung on the wire, make tight line more efficient and convenient

Name: Gear
 High strength gear, make up of 3 steel  plate, heat treatment, efficient and durable

Name: Nut
 Superior alloy nuts, non-corroding, not rust and not break

Name: Hand shank
 Rubber non-slip handle

 1)roughened  hooks, galvanized, anti-embroidered and corrosion-resistant, can be hung on wires, fastening wire more quickly.
 1)High strength ratchet gear, ratchet gear is made of high strength steel plate, the whole goods is hot-dip galvanized, efficient and durable.
 3)rebar wire winding rope, with high tension, no burr, strong safety, more secure in use
 4)Anti-skid rubber handle, ergonomic design, comfortable grip, effective reduction of wrist fatigue, suitable for long term operation

Detailed images 

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 Hand puller is also known as hand power puller, hooks puller, cable puller.
 It consists of Hooks, Ratchet gear, Cable, Handle.
 We separated to 2 gear 2 hooks and 2 gear 3 hooks for 2T. Surface treated by zinc or chrome.

 (1) It has light weight small volume and compact conformation.
 (2) It can stand wear and as well as corrosion resistant.
 (3) It's difficult to skid it doesn't damage the surface of the goods it suits the frequently loading.
 (4) It can greatly reduce the damage of the steel wine increase the function since adopting the reasonable gang system.
 (5) Convenient to operate with its small arbor force

Packaging & Shipping

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