2T wire rope manual hand puller with single gear and two hooks manual hand winch

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 This hand puller is mainly applying to the forward pull, such as the mooring of a ship, the centering of a tree, the  forward moving of the equipment and the package of the goods, Especially applying to the limitation. Besides, there are many advantages of this product. Firstly, it has light weight, small  volume and compact conformation. Secondly, it can stand wear and tear as well as corrosion resistant, Thirdly, it's difficult to skid, it doesn't damage the surface of the goods, it suits the frequently loading. And lastly, because of adopting the reasonable gang system and with its small arbor force, it can greatly reduce the damage of the steel wine, increase the function and it is convenient to operate.

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Detailed Description of Hand  Pullers

- Small size, light weight, and convenient to  carry and storage. Even in a cramped space, it's still operating properly.

- Made by high quality's Taiwan galvanized wire rope and aluminum alloy pressure head. The wires are strong, wearable, and not fall off - It is made by high tensile steel, then matching with the high density gear, which can rotate 360 degrees direction. The controlling keying can forward or backward turn.
 It is attached automatic braking device to save effort. The hand puller is suitable for electric power, telecom high homework. It is powerful and not easy to break.

- Embossed high tensile steel hook with latch, the strength gets greatly improved.

- Material: High Tensile Carbon Steel.

- Constructions: Quenched and Tempered- Finish: Color Zinc Plated.

 Detailed images of Hand Pullers

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