Hand Wire Rope Puller Cable Puller With Come Along Clamp

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Introduction of Hand Pullers
 Tight line device is installed in the construction of overhead lines as tension conductors. Use first device on the tight wire or galvanized wire rope loose, and fixed in the cross arm, and with the clamp tool clamping wire, then pulling the special spanner. As the pawl anti-reverse effect, and gradually the rope, or galvanized iron wire on the ratchet drum, so that the wire to tighten. To tighten the wire fixed on the insulator. Then loosen the pawl, so that loose wire or galvanized wire, then release the clamp tool, and finally the wire or galvanized iron wire on the ratchet drum. 
 Tight line device applications: construction, roads, bridges, metallurgy, mining, slope tunnels, wells and other infrastructure construction management protection of mechanical equipment.

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Detailed Description
 1.Ratcheting gear pulley system allows for one handed effort to pull heavy loads
 2.Dual gears and locking pawls distribute pulling force evenly
 3.Hardened all-steel construction with corrosion-resistant galvanized finish
 4.Aircraft-grade braided steel cable
 5.Self-closing safety latches on hooks offer sure connections
 6.High-leverage steel ratchet handle with cushioned nonslip grip

More information on the wire rope hand puller:
 1.Multi-purpose cable pullers ideal for both pulling and stretching
 2.Can stand wear and tear as well as corrosion resistant
 3.Difficult to skid, protect the surface of the goods
 4.Convenient to operate under light labour force
 5.Powerful ratcheting system

 Detailed images 

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Packaging & Shipping

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