1T mini hand cable puller with double gear double hook

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 A Ratchet puller or "ratchet hoist" is a lever operated manual device used to lift, lower, or pull a load and to apply or release tension. It utilizes a ratchet and pawl mechanical configuration to incrementally raise or lower a load or to apply or release tension.
 Our double ratchet drive 1 ton cable puller comes with drop forged safety hooks, with 12-foot pull this cable come along is ideal for light duty pulling job. The come along features release one notch at a time, which is the most desirable  feature in the pulling application.

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Detailed Description
 Features of hand power puller:
 1 Capacity of Hand Puller, Cable Puller, Hand Ratchet Puller: 1t / 1.5t / 2t
 2. Heat Treated Seel Frame with red Plating
 3. Max. Length; 1210mm / 1400mm
 4. Min. Length: 410mm / 480mm
 5. Cable Size; 5mm / 6mm
 6.360-Degree Swiveling Hooks with Latches

 Detailed images 

 1. Hook
 2. Lock lever
 3. Ratchet wheel
 4. Ratchet drive pawl
 5. Spring
 6. Handle lever
 7. Pulley
 8. Steel cable

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Hand Pullers6-5.jpg


Hand Pullers6-7.jpg

Packaging & Shipping
 1 pc/polybag, 1 pc/color box, 6 pcs/carton
 Carton size: 57 (L) * 25 (W) * 22 (D)
 Weight: 16 kgs

Packaging Details:
 The normal package is nature color box. It also  can be packed by white box, or customized color box.
 If you need customized color box, MOQ is  500pcs.