4400Lb 2 Ton Hoist Ratchet Hand Lever Puller Come Along Double Hooks

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Introduction of Hand Pullers
 *Light weight, small volume and compact conformation
 *Suit the frequently loading
 *Convenient to operate  with its small arbor force
 *Strap/steel cable/wire rope available
 *Widely used in the double beam bridge crane and gantry crane

Detailed Description of Hand Pullers

 Moving Heavy Equipment
 Tighten Fencing
 Landscaping such as removing tree stumps or debris
 Assist in loading a boat on to a trailer
 Standard Series - Perfect for the home mechanic
 All Steel Construction - Made From Heavy Gauge Flat Stock Steel 
 Drop Forged Safety Steel Hooks .
 360 Degree Hanging Catching Hook
 Non-Slip Cusion Grip Handle
 Heavy Duty Aircraft Cable 
 Heavy Duty Ratchet and Pawl
 Two-wheel Ratcheting Gearbox 
 Portable Hand Winch
 Name: Adjust wire rope length
 1. Move the spring hook to the front position
 2. The buckle will be open
 3. Press this button then pull the wire rope to adjust
 4. After adjusting, move the spring hook back, the buckle 
 Will  be closed, then can work proper

 Detailed images 

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 Packaging & Shipping

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