1-4Ton Mini Hand Puller Ratchet Wire Rope Cable Puller

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Introduction of Hand Pullers
 • Fine design, light weight, big pulling power, small volume as well as compact conformation
 • 100% new, high quality, durable, convenient, reliable, well designed as well as labor-saving
 • Easy to switch from lifting to lowering, easy to  operate, carry, store and cheap to maintain
 • Competitive price, excellent service, short lead time, as well as convenient field repair
 • Reinforced bar structure, chroming coating, one piece pulley and wavy rubber handle
 • 360° Handle movement as well as forward/reverse load holding mechanism
 • Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, skid resistance as well as goods surface protection
 • Hardened heavy duty steel construction, drop forged steel as well as thumb control release
 • Reasonable gang system helps to reduce damage to steel  wine and increase the function
 • Safe and versatile application for stretching, pulling, lifting, or lowering heavy loads
 • Wide usage in fields like construction, farms, home as well as automotive manufacturing
 • One-handed operation is able to ensure easy and safe load pulling in any orientation
 • Equipped with a ratchet and automatic brake to ensure secure tensioning
 • Being able to be used with accessories like slip hook, wire grip as well as attaching clamps
 • Pulling force is able to be evenly distributed on dual gears and locking pawls
 • Fine connection is effected by virtue of the  self-closing safety latches on hooks

Detailed Description
 Forward/reverse load holding mechanism
 Heavy duty - Quality ratchet mechanism
 360º Handle movement
 Fast advance mechanism
 Supplied with Test Certificate

Name: Alloy steel hook
 High quality thicken alloy steel hook, can be hung on the
 wire, make tight line more efficient and convenient

Features of RAMHOIST hand power puller with single or double gear
 1 Capacity of Hand power puller, Cable Puller, Hand Power Puller: 1t / 2t / 4t
 2. Surface treatment of hand power puller: Heat Treated Steel  Frame with red Plating
 3. Hook Number of hand power puller: Two or three
 4. Heavy Duty Metal Safety Shield
 5. Hand power puller can be with single or double gear
 6.360-Degree Swiveling Hooks with Latches
 7. Type of hand power puller: Light duty, heavy duty or aluminium
 8. Number of cable line: 1 or 2
 9. Cable size: 4.5mm x 1.68mm, 4.5mm x 1.78mm, 5mm x 2.28mm, 5mm x 2.80mm, 6mm  x 3.05mm, 4.5mm x 3.66mm, 6mm x 3.66mm

Detailed images 

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 Packaging  & Shipping

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