Electric Hydraulic Mini Mobile Scissor Lift Table/Small Platform Scissor Lift/Hydraulic Lift Table Cart

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This Electric Lift Table Cart allows you to quickly and easily lift and lower up to 2000 lbs. Ideal for lifting, positioning and transporting heavy materials around the shop, factory, warehouse. 20.5"- 73" lift range. a push of a button will raise and lower the platform.    
1. Self-propelled&electric lifting.
2. Curtis controller & HALL accelerator
3. Wheel and roller diameter 8"
4. Equipped with foot operated brake and a storage box.
5. 2 pcs high quality 54Ah/ 12v lithium batteries

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Detailed Description of Electric Lift Table Cart 

Features and Benefits
 • All steel frame with powder-coat finish
 • Convenient foot pump for easily lifting
 • Knob release handle used to lower the platform
 • Moves easily on 4 pu casters, 2 swivel with brakes and 2 rigid
 • Chromed handle frame
 • Custom size and specs available

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Heavy Duty Capacity
 Four Support Legs 
 Four Rubber Wheels
 Lowering Speed  Adjust Valve
 Cylinder Check Valve
 Forklift Holes 
 Dismountable Guardrails
 Self-lock gate on platform
 Emergency Decline Valve
 Different Power for Option
 Reflective Sticker

Detailed images of Electric Lift Table Cart 

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 Our Electric Lift Tables are CE approved, and we have five inspection steps before shipment:
 1. Inspect the raw material in accordance with ISO9001;
 2. Strict inspection in the whole production process;
 3. Load limit test when assembling finished;
 4. 100% strict inspection of products before shipment;
 5. If needed, inspection by buyer.

Long Warranty:
   5 Years warranty on lift structure(including Columns, Carriage, Lifting Arms, Top Beam, Floor Cover, Platform, Cross Beam, Car Drive-in Ramp, Scissor, Baseframe etc.); 
   2 Years warranty on the hydraulic parts (including cylinders, oil seal, oil hose, fitting etc.); 
   1 Year warranty on the spare parts, electrical components, power unit (not including consumption parts such as rubber pad).