Heavy duty portable electric hydraulic fixed scissor lift table

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 Electric Platform FSL Series

 · The tried and trusted lift table with study construction.
 · Multiple uses such as: lifting and lowering materials, level compensation when fitting machines, installations in conveyor system etc.
 · Compact hydraulic design with all safety components complying to EN1570.
 · High pressure cylinder with dual safety function.
 · Hard chrome plated piston rods.
 · Lift and lower by easily push buttons to reach the ergonomically correct working height.
 · With emergency switch off and a 3m long control cable.
 · With different loading capacity up to 3000kg for your option

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Detailed Description of Electric Platform

 All the parts we use are first class quality and well-known brands. The parts are standard model with item code, which is very convenient to replace them. Delivery is also fast for parts.

Skid proof Platform
 Checkered steel plate for the table board, which could prevent people and goods slipping down. 

Anti-explosion Valve
 Anti-explosion valve prevent the hydraulic oil leak out if  hydraulic pipe fracture, and stop platform falling down to protect the safety of the goods and worker.

 Manual Decline Valve
  In case of the failure of electricity supply, the platform will be suspended in midair. Then we could manually make the platform come down to Ground  floor by the Manual Decline Valve. Prevent potential danger.
 1.Explosion-proof lock valve to avoid a sudden drop if emergency occurs.
 2.The safety rails to guarantee safety of the goods above lift plat-form
 3.Equipped 4 guide rails, to ensure the hydraulic scissor lift platform runs more smoothly and steadily.

 Detailed images

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 1. All fixed scissor lift sold must be tested before shipment, 100% quality.
 2. 1 year structure warranty, with CE certification.
 3. 24 hours technical support by email, telephone or video online.
 4. User-friendly English manual for fixed scissor lift using and maintain.
 5. Spare parts will be offered for free.
 6. Professional design drawing such as 3D drawing can be designed and provided according to customer installation site.


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