Fixed Electric Scissor Lift Platform/Fixed table scissor garage car lift

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 Hydraulic lifting platform is a kind of cargo lifting equipment with good lifting stability, large carrying capacity and wide application range. It is mainly used for the transportation of goods between the height difference of the production line; adjusting the height of the work piece when the material is put on and off the line and the work piece is assembled;  the feeding of the feeder at a high place and the lifting of a component when assembling a large device; loading and discharging of a large machine tool; Warehouse loading and unloading places and handling vehicles such as forklifts are used for quick loading and unloading of goods.

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Detailed  Description
 The basic frame is made of rectangular square steel- -field platform 
 frame with anti-skid plate. The plate or stainless steel plate can 
 effectively reduces the deformation of the table.Support arm frame 
 materials are made of high strength 16Mn steel rectangular tube
 or standard channel steel composite plate. 
  All sliding bearings are self-lubricated bearings with new composite 
 materials, simple maintenance and long service life. The hydraulic 
 system of main oil cylinders adopts with anti-crack which
  automatically locks the oil cylinder when the tubing is broken.
 Control system:
 1. The power part :AC380V/220V orDC24V/12V.
 2. The control part: 24V safety voltage.
 3. Each platform has a complete set of control switches.
 4. Each lift can be equipped with 30mwireless remote control handle.

Detailed images of Hydraulic lifting platform

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  Fixed car scissor lift/mini scissor lift is generally used for lifting cargo and people to working place, loading and unloading goods from ground to underground or other floors. The load capacity is various depending on the different working height from 100kg to 5 tons. Lift height can be 1m to 12m, and table size can be custom-made. The Control system and working voltage can be changed to clients' requirements, such 220V, 380V, 415V, etc.

 1.Mini car platform lift is the professional high-altitude operation equipment.

 2.Its scissor mechanical structure makes the lifting platform lift more stably. Wide working platform and large loading capacity can make the work scope bigger. It's suitable for several people working together.

 3.Lift height: 4m ,6m, 8m,10m ,11m and so on. And the max height of the scissor lift is 18m.

 4.Loading capacity: 300kg,500kg,800kg,1000kg and so on.

 5.The usual power supply is external connection electricity variety of 220v, 380v, 400v. and they also can be equipped with handle control, in case the power is not available that the lift can work

 6.With safe protection device avoiding the lifting platform overloaded.

 7.With safe protection valve avoiding the hydraulic pipe broken.

 8.Emergency lowing  device in the condition of power-cutting.

 9.Its quality liability insurance is undertaken by China PALC insurance Company.